Bachelor thesis format


A thesis is not an easy task. Professors have satisfied the requirements and the university are met in order for the individual touch does not suffer. And usually you do a proper formatting in the thesis for the first time. Specialists and term papers in advance are often formatted manually, custom essay help without using the useful features in Word. The effort seems most to be too large for a small work on 3-10 pages. In a work from 40 to 60 pages, the looks different. One has to handle more pages, more headlines should create directories, usually one also figures and tables that do not want to insert properly and much more. That’s why we pass our knowledge on to you and show you how to format your dissertation and can also save time and nerves.

We put a lot of effort to create the instructions (tutorials) to format your dissertation for Word newbies and guide you step by step through all the necessary operations.


formatting a thesis plays such an important role?

The evaluation of formatting makes up about 30% of your grade. The content is the most important with 70% so – for that very reason there is the layout standards at universities and colleges. If every student write formatted his work at its own discretion, the formatting of the thesis plays a much larger role for the evaluation by the professors. If they present a unified format of all undergraduate work, they can better focus on the content. In addition, you will be prepared as part of your training to the demands of an academic career. Each journal in which you publish any subsequent publications, also has standards for the layout of your papers.

Many are familiar with formatting in Word does not look good, and seek help in the net. You will get this help – specially adapted to the layout of your dissertation. You can thereby decide to help themselves and get our support from helpful tutorials or we will do it for you. Our price calculator will help you in the decision to format your thesis with us.

Problems and solutions for formatting the thesis

Word: Text Formatting

First, there is the problem with the text itself, the largest part of most bachelor theses. Here, the same standards must be observed in most universities and colleges: Arial or Times New Roman, font size 11pt or 12pt and a spacing of 1.5 lines. is set in Word mostly font Calibri, 11pt and single line spacing. This can be changed so that it always looks uniformly throughout the text. So you do not adjust everything again by hand. How can format the text of a thesis, click here.

Word: headers format

In most cases, headings are to be numbered in undergraduate work. The so-called levels must be recognizable. A Level 1 is the headline above each major chapter. A Level 2 are the headings that divide the chapter. They are also called subchapter. Level 3 turn breaks down the chapters and Level 4 structures the tier 3.

It is quite logical that you need at each level consecutively at least two headers. With just a headline nothing is so divided. E.g .: If you have a headline 2.1, you must necessarily have at least a 2.2 title. What else do you need a 2.1? You can omit and simply divide the body text in more sections. The same is true for all levels.


Word headings mean to tell Word which parts of the text are at all headings and in what level. This is the basis for further formatting steps that can make your life easier: the table of contents and the so-called column header – this is the chapter title in the header on each sheet. But if you have not communicated Word what should be a headline because you numbered everything by hand and how normal standard text, just as have larger and bold, you will not hammer out a header can still create the table of contents itself.

The numbering of headings should be in Word also automatically. Here’s a step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

Word: Figures and Tables, number and format

The picture in Word

images are often inserted by copying and pasting in Word, but this can be problematic. They jump around in the text and usually do not stay where they should be. Here we show you how to insert the pictures, so that they always stay clean at the desired location in the text.

Once the picture is inserted, it must also be meaningful labeled and numbered forever. called “Meaningful” means that a reader can understand to read the text without the picture. The numbers can automatically make Word here. is provided that in your policies, at which point the picture is to label, stick to it. If it is not in the guidelines: Figures are labeled by default numbered below the image. How to do this, we will show you in this tutorial.

The table in Word

tables are often copied from Excel to Word. but they can also be created directly in Word. This is especially useful if the table does not serve as a basis for a chart, but actually should be a table in the text. How to do best, click here.

To the table in the correct sheet size to provide the correct font and font size, and the right setting, there are some options in Word. How can you best use the Find out here.

tables must also be numbered clean. Here again, as in the pictures applies: The label must be meaningful. At which point the table is to be labeled, find out the most in your policies of the university or college. If it is not there: Tables are numbered by default above and labeled. The numbering of tables in Word, you do the best with this tutorial.

tables are manchemal very large and slip in part on the next page. Word has an important role here: The column headings can be automatically repeated again on each page. And best of all: When you write text in front of it and the position of the table is moved, Word automatically makes the header still in place on the next page. How to set it, click here.

Word: create directories

The table of contents

Word can create, how you want to have a table of contents. This is not easy, especially not for Word newcomers. But it works. How to create a directory, click here.

Note here: The requirement is that you have already assigned the headings in your undergraduate work properly and possibly even form advantage! So, this step must be done in advance, otherwise you CAN create no automatic table of contents, but have to write everything by hand. This is very time consuming and above all unnecessary.

The next step is to format the table of contents. Here again, as in the text already applies: The default settings in Word are usually not compatible with the requirements of the University of font and font size. Therefore, you will not get around it, adjust your table of contents.

Later, it may be that changes made to the text, add headers, delete, or want to name differently. Then you can make the text itself and then update the table of contents.

The List of Figures / Tables

List of Figures and Table directories are a breeze in Word if you have previously performed all labels clean. Learn how to create an imaging or table directory for your dissertation.

You can customize to your preference the directory easily. Here we show you how.

Word: Header

headline in the header Insert

A column header (= chapter title in the header) is useful to show the reader at each place of work, where he is straight. In some universities and colleges which is predetermined. You can download a title but only can be inserted automatically when you told Word before what should be a heading and in what level this is. Once you have completed this step clean for all headings of your thesis, the automatic transfer of title in the header of a breeze.


Roman numbering

In most rules of universities or colleges will be required to provide the directories with Roman page numbers and only from the first page of text with the Arabic numbering from “1” to begin. For this, it is first necessary to provide the work with section breaks. It can be divided into individual sections to be treated lightly. Each section can be formatted independently of other sections of its own.

The page numbers can be added separately now: Roman for the directory part and Arabic for the text part. How to do this, we show you here.

headline and page number in the same header insert

Even that is specified in the guidelines and often a lot of sense: in the headline should stand side by side heading and page number. How do you manage it best, we have described for you here.

Word: landscape

Sometimes tables or figures are very large and need more space in width is available. Then a single page in landscape mode must be inserted.